Knot In pics offer bespoke designed prints that are uniquely you. It’s important to stand out, and we ensure you have an added personal touch to your photo memories.
We don’t just offer a range of stock standard templates. Each and every printout template is custom designed and we don’t put our business name or details on it.
Guests love it when they have personalised keepsakes from your biggest day that they get to take home with them.

popular Printouts sizes

4R (4" x 6")

1-4 Shots (portrait/landscape)

Photostrips (2" x 6")

1-3 Shots (portrait/landscape)

premium sizes

Square (4" x 4")

1-3 Shots

Polaroid (4" x 3")

1 Shot (portrait/ landscape)

Mini card (3.5" x 2.2")

1 Shot (portrait/ landscape)

Perforated printouts

Each print has a laser perforation which divides the print into 2 sizes as indicated below. 

square (4" x 4") + Mini Strip (2" x 4")

1 Shot (portrait/LANDSCAPE)

POLAROID X 2 (3" X 4" + 3" X 4")

1 Shot (portrait/LANDSCAPE)